mike cass

design-it landscapes is led by Director and Principal Designer Mike Cass; an internationally acclaimed designer who places creativity at the heart of all he does.

Mike doesn’t subscribe to a specific design philosophy. He doesn’t get mired down in passing fads or trends. Instead, he operates from a single, ambitious ethos: offering clients proportion. It’s a simple word, but a powerful one. After all, proportion is the perfect balance between form and function; innovation and intuition; affordability and awe-inspiring. It’s a school of thought that has seen Mike’s work gain recognition from London to New Zealand. But despite his extensive experience, Mike remains fiercely passionate about the fundamentals of design, embracing a humble, hands-on approach and a personable collaborative spirit on each and every project. He’s driven not just by seeing his work take shape, but by the pleasure it brings his clients; knowing that he’s helped transform not just a backyard, but a way of life.